why not?

don't knowThis year in school, we had the opportunity to read several missionary biographies.  One of our favorites was Nate Saint by Janet and Geoff Benge.  (This is a YWAM biography which I love, love, love!)

One of the things that stood out to me was how Mrs. Saint encouraged her children to carry out their ideas.

“Indeed, more often than not, Mrs. Saint helped the children carry out their wild schemes.  When the children came to her with an idea, instead of no, she would say why not? One time when Nate was only four years old, his big brothers Sam and David decided it would be great to sleep on the roof.  Their mother thought it was a wonderful idea, too, and she and the children worked out how to make it happen.”

God allowed me the privilege of marrying a visionary, and often early in our marriage, I was quick to let him know how dumb I thought some of his ideas were (and yes, I probably used that word).  My father-in-law was a good example to me of how to keep myself calm and talk it through with him. Sometimes that would help him see that the idea wouldn’t work, or more often, we would figure out a way to refine the idea and turn it into reality.  I have done many things that I would have never imagined because of his visions.

I now have a household full of kids with ideas and schemes and am thankful that our homeschooling schedule allows them time to imagine, dream and create.  I hope that I learn from Mrs. Saint and help my children reach their full potential. Had she quenched Nate’s love for adventure, would he have had the courage to go to the jungle and many come to Christ as a result of his sacrifice?


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