true love

Romantic couple silhouette2true loveSixteen years ago today, Ray and I stood at a wedding altar and pledged our love to one another, not fully comprehending what “in sickness and in health” and “for better or worse” really meant – not truly comprehending love. We have now begun to understand that love is more than an emotion, more than can be put into words –

it is a commitment

it is a journey

it is deep

Love for us has been….

…buying our first house
…having a black lab named Roman
…wanting a baby
…leaving family and moving 2300 miles away to go into the ministry
…desperately longing for a child and asking God to answer our prayer
…getting a horse for Valentine’s Day
…living in a tiny trailer which only had one closet
…begging for a child
…finally seeing two lines on a pregnancy test
…holding our precious Rylan in our arms for the first time
…grieving together after the loss of a baby in my womb
…questioning why God would take two in a row
…moving into a fifth wheel and traveling all over the country
…marveling at the birth of another son, Reagan
…holding our baby boy in intensive care
…watching God miraculously heal his heart
…finding out we were pregnant with a baby girl, Rhen
…being told I had cancer
…asking God to please teach us what He wanted us to know
…finding out I had an auto immune disease instead
…giving birth to Reece in the bathroom :)
…moving to NC for Ray to become a pastor
…grieving the loss of another child
…loving a church family
…enjoying another sweet baby boy
…comforting one another through the loss of a fourth child
…watching my dad die of cancer
…learning to know God more

Through the joys and pains of this life, I am so thankful for the man God gave to walk this journey with me. He is more than I ever imagined, and we complete each other so perfectly. God has been so good to me, and I look forward to falling even more deeply in love over the years to come.

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