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Empty red plateOne of the things I will miss the most when my children are grown are our times around the dinner table. From silly games to discussions, it is a precious time that we have together. We laugh more around our dinner table than probably any other time. It is a time to stop and enjoy each other. It is a wonderful time of training for the little ones, and a time when we can invest in the minds of our children. As the children get older, I hope that it will be a place that we can hold thought provoking discussions. Ray took the television out of the house a few months ago and it has been one of the greatest blessings to our home. Now we don’t rush off to see the next sporting event or to watch Andy Griffith reruns, but we sit and enjoy each others company.

We often see in the Bible times of fellowship around a meal. As Christians, we are all looking forward to the marriage supper of the Lamb. I believe it is a worthy example to follow in our lives. Culture and the television have robbed us of this wonderful blessing to our home and family.

I challenge anyone reading this to try to institute this wonderful, memory making time into your family’s schedule. Even in a busy pastor’s home, we usually are able to enjoy a good meal and fellowship together at least three times a week.

It takes some planning to make this happen, and there are a few things I do to help accomplish this for our family.

1. PLAN. I usually plan for 14-21 meals when I go grocery shopping. I let the kids and Ray help me pick out the meals, and I try to make their favorites on those special nights we will have time to spend together. I decide the night before what meal I will cook so I can put out meat to defrost or any other things that need early preparation. This planning helps us eat AT HOME and save money from grabbing something out at the last minute.

2. PREPARE. We think of things we want to discuss with our children, such as what they are doing in their devotions, home school, or church. We free our nights up, so that when we are finished eating we can sit and talk for 20-30 minutes. We don’t have a set time frame, but this is our usual at our children’s ages. I look forward to longer times as our children get older and we have deeper discussions.

3. PLAY. (You can tell I’m married to a preacher — I just alliterated my points) We play silly games, like the “stare game” or “you can’t make me laugh”. The kids tell silly jokes. We enjoy side splitting laughter.

I wish I could bottle all the memories I already have from our dinner times so that when my children are grown I could pull them out and enjoy them again. I am so thankful for the family God has given me to enjoy. He is so good!!!

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2 thoughts on “our dinner table

  • Selina


    You need to blog more :)….

    I love this post. I like the idea of playing games right at the table. I might try that one!

    We also make it a priority to eat together as a family every night. I also sit down with the children (as much as possible) for breakfast and lunch. It’s crazy busy right now, but still important for them–and I enjoy it as well.

    Love you all and still hoping to see you soon!

  • Shannon

    Thanks for posting. We just had our Friday night “family night” and played a game after supper and had a great time. But there are 5 additional nights in the week to put to good use! Too often I am so tired by the end of the day, I would just prefer it to be nice and quiet, but I need to remember that that is one of the most teachable times we have as a family.