cherish the moment 2

Read my book, rub my back,
Mommy, listen to my prayer.
Let me sit in your lap,
Daddy, fly me through the air.
Throw a ball, make a snack,
Can we go to the park?
Tuck me in; hold me close
I’m afraid of the dark.
Sing a song, play a game,
Swing me high in the air.
Ride a bike, fly a kite,
How I love the times we share.
Hold my hand, hug my neck,
Daddy bounce me on your knee.
Come and sit by my bed,
Mommy rock me to sleep.

Think ahead to a time
When your little ones are grown;
Hold them tight, don’t lose sight
Of the blessings you have known.
Think ahead to a time
When your little boy’s a man
And you’d give anything
Just to hold him again.

Cherish the moment;
Soon you’ll be apart.
Cling to the mem’ry;
Clasp it to your heart.
Soon comes the day
When you’ll have no child to hold;
So cherish, cherish the moment.
…those are the lyrics that Ray and I sang with Rylan at his kindergarten graduation. I had to sing them over and over until I could make it through the song without crying.
We were thankful that First Baptist Church of Conestee in Conestee, SC let Rylan participate with their kindergartners in their graduation ceremony. Their high school students graduated the same night, and Ray gave the challenge. We were members of this church before moving to AZ. Pastor and Mrs. Tony Finney are dear to us and have had a lasting influence in our lives and ministry, so having his graduation there was precious to us.

What a joy it was to celebrate the first year of our homeschooling journey. My heart was overwhelmed with emotion as I handed Rylan his diploma. He is such a joy to my heart and I am thankful that he is my firstborn son.

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