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A few months ago, I overheard Ray explaining to Rylan Galatians 6:9 “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” As I listened to his simple explanation, I thought about how well that could apply to mothering my children. Over the months that verse has become my “theme verse” and I often quote it to myself when I am getting tired and weary.

In his commentary, Matthew Henry comments on Gal 6:9:

“…but then that it is upon supposition that we faint not in the way of our duty; if we grow weary of it, and withdraw from it, we shall not only miss of this reward, but lose the comfort and advantage of what we have already done; but, if we hold on and hold out in well-doing, though our reward may be delayed, yet it will surely come, and will be so great as to make us an abundant recompence for all our pains and constancy. Note, Perseverance in well-doing is our wisdom and interest, as well as our duty, for to this only is the reward promised.”

As a stay at home mom of four, life can become an endless routine of laundry, dishes, school, meals, etc. Some days I feel like all I do is run in circles and at the ending of that day wonder if I accomplished anything worthwhile. I often fall into bed exhausted and sometimes am up during the night tending to my precious children’s needs. It is in those times of desperation that the Holy Spirit will gently remind me of this verse, and I realize that what I am doing is of utmost importance, and that only through perseverance will I reap the reward of godly children.

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One thought on “faint not

  • Williams' bunch

    You don’t know me, I saw you on Melinda’s (VonBokern) blog, and we did hear your husband preach at Hoosier Hills, so I came to your blog looking around. Congratulations on your newest addition. I enjoyed reading your posts, and can identify with this one especially well. It is a good reminder….
    I hope things are going smoothly as you are in transition with a new baby-as well as the other changes you all have been adapting to. =)