my rylan 2

My Rylan turned 7 years old today. He is my miracle. Ray and I waited and prayed for 5 years for our precious son. I spent many Christmases and Mother’s Days heartbroken because I had no child to hold and share my joy with. There is no way to describe the emptiness of infertility. God designed us to desire children and when that desire is unfulfilled it is painful. I had many people tell me to just be content, but as I pondered that thought I remembered the story of Hannah, and how she wept bitterly so that Eli thought she was drunk. I don’t think she was content. I do believe that I had to give that desire to God and pray for His grace to comfort my soul, but I don’t believe that for a minute that I was content to not have a child.

I remember the day that Ray and I knelt with our Pastor at the altar and God gave us an indescribable peace that we would have a child, and I also remember the joy when a couple of weeks later, I saw two lines on the pregnancy test for the first time. We shouted, danced, and cried in praise to our Father who had answered our prayers. Seven years ago today, I held my precious son for the first time. God is so, so good!!

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2 thoughts on “my rylan

  • Selina

    Can you believe our “babies” are 7? (well, Ellie’s almost 7)
    We’ve come so far in this journey to and through motherhood….
    I’m thankful God has allowed us to share in it together!