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My sweet Reece is my fourth child and third son. A few years ago I thought that I would never have one child, much less four. God has been so good to me.
When we made the announcement that we were having a fourth, we got some negative remarks. I finally came up with a response that I liked. I would say that the Bible teaches that children are a blessing from God, so why would I not desire another blessing.
To be honest, after Rhen coming 14 months after Reagan, and at my age of 34, I did struggle a little with wanting another child. I began to search the Scriptures to find a biblical reason for not having another child. Everything I found referred to children being a blessing and heritage. People in the OT were being blessed when they were fruitful and were being cursed when God shut their wombs. I realized that the first commandment from God was to “Be fruitful and multiply.” Try as I might, I couldn’t find anything to support us preventing another pregnancy. Another overwhelming thought was that I had begged God to open my womb, and He so wonderfully did, so how could I take matters into my own hands and try to oppose the miracle He had performed in my life.
Now when I look in my Reece’s eyes, I am so thankful that God brought Ray and I to the decision to have another child. He is so precious and I am deeply in love with him. God is good!
my sweet boy

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5 thoughts on “my sweet boy

  • Anonymous

    Reece is so cute and is growing so fast. I love the pictures. I miss you guys so much and can not wait to see you in May.

    Love you guys,
    Aunt Jennifer

  • Anonymous

    What a good name for the blog – Your nest is certainly full – what a blessing! I remember so well praying for you to have children and now the Lord has “done exceedingly beyond what we asked or thought.” You are very special to me Robin and I love you and continue to pray for your family as you serve the Lord across this beautiful country. I pray that each of your children will grow up to love and serve our wonderful God, that Ray will have God’s power on his life to preach the gospel to those who need to hear and that people will respond to the Holy Spirit’s calling to be saved and that years later you will meet people who came to know Christ because of the preaching of Ray, the singing of your family and the testimony you have across this country. Your family is already a blessing to many people and I know that God will use you for His glory in the future.

    Love, Barbara

  • Anonymous

    How do you have the knowledge to do all these things on the computer? I guess that gene skipped me, ha ha! I love the name “robin’s nest”; it is very fitting. Do you remember when it was just Rylan and ya’ll were visiting and staying in Granny Finney’s old house and we were talking about how much we loved Rylan and how it would be weird to love another like him. But now its not so weird! I love them all so much. I can’t image life without all those nephews and that one little niece. I love ya’ll so much and can’t wait till May.
    Love your favorite sister!

  • GlorifyHim

    Hi robin. It was so nice to chat with you a little tonight. It’s so hard to keep in touch when we’re busy with our babies & homes, etc. I am so glad to know you have a blog site too & this may be a good way to share ideas when we have “downtime” Feel free to visit my site. It’s mostly about home management with all my routines & menus & things. I hope to blog more when I have the time on a Titus 2 study I am doing. I really enjoyed your blog on “Trials”, it was just what I needed. It’s amazing this week has been very hard for me & I have prayed for wisdom, and God’s has given me little answers here and there. I was particularly down on Friday and a random man in the Wal-Mart parking lot handed me a bible tract on depression. It was God’s work indeed and in his perfect timing. I look forward to reading more of your blogs old friend.

    Love, Marie