our new life

We have been busy getting settled here into our new life in Asheboro, NC. We arrived on February 19 and our first service was the following Sunday. We were welcomed with open arms, and made to feel at home right away. We have truly been blessed with a wonderful church family.

We are going to move into the parsonage in the next couple of weeks, and are excited about having a REAL house. It’s been fun looking at furniture, picking out colors, and getting ready to move. We will eventually purchase our own home, but for now are very thankful to be able to live in the parsonage.

The kids are adjusting slowly. Reagan asked me this morning what church we were going to today, so I don’t think they fully understand that we are off the road now. Some friends of ours who are in evangelism stopped to visit this weekend and parked their fifth wheel trailer next to ours. I heard the kids discussing among themselves if that was their new house. They truly don’t know any other life.

I am thankful that my wonderful husband is now also my pastor. It has been a blessing to watch him transition into this new role. I am so blessed to be married to him. God has truly been good to me.

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