Pocatello, ID

I didn’t see much of Pocatello while we were there. All of the kids came down with a virus in succession beginning with Rylan on Saturday night before the revival began on Sunday. This was the first revival that I have missed in it’s entirety. I was disappointed but know that my place is first with my children.

Ray came home every night overwhelmed by how God had worked in the services. I am amazed at how God has been working this year in our revivals. All of the churches we have been to have spent time preparing for the services. This always makes a difference. Ray’s motto about revival is “nothing good ever comes without sacrifice.” Ray has also made personal sacrifices in his own life. I am married to a wonderful man of God.

I did get to go out with Leslie Deatherage (the pastor’s wife) for lunch one day. She is also a PCC grad, and we had good fellowship. She has 5 children, so another common bond was there. I only wish we could have spent more time together.

We are in Cedar City, UT this week at Mountain View Baptist Church. I am again home this morning with Rhen who hasn’t gotten over the virus yet. Hopefully we will all be together tomorrow night…

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