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This is the third pregnancy that I have been “great with child” during the Christmas season. Every time it causes me to reflect on the precious birth of our Savior, and also on Mary as she experienced the last few weeks of her miraculous pregnancy.

A few thoughts — a bumpy car ride is so uncomfortable right now, yet she traveled many miles and several days on the back of a donkey…. an uncomfortable bed makes for a restless night, yet there’s no telling where they slept during their journey… I’m so particular of the details of my births, yet she was willing to give birth in a stable.

I’ve also wondered about her thoughts as she felt baby Jesus kicking and rolling in her womb. I’m sure she also pondered as I do, what her baby would look like.

The first couple of hours after my babies are born are the most precious to me as I nurse them for the first time and gaze into their faces. Nothing in the world matters to me as I bond with my new precious miracle. How did Mary feel as she nursed the Creator of the universe? What love must have surged through her heart as she held his tiny hands for the first time.

The song “Mary Did You Know” by Mark Lowry is a beautiful depiction of these thoughts:

Mary did you know that your baby boy will one day walk on water?
Mary did you know that your baby boy will save our sons and daughters?
Did you know that your baby boy has come to make you new?
This child that you've delivered, will soon deliver you.

Mary did you know that your baby boy will give sight to a blind man?
Mary did you know that your baby boy will calm a storm with his hand?
Did you know that your baby boy has walked where angels trod?
And when you kiss your little baby, you have kissed the face of God.

The blind will see, the deaf will hear and the dead will live again.
The lame will leap, the dumb will speak, the praises of the Lamb.

Mary did you know that your baby boy is Lord of all creation?
Mary did you know that your baby boy will one day rule the nations?
Did you know that your baby boy is heaven's perfect Lamb?
This sleeping child you're holding is the great I Am.

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2 thoughts on “reflections on the birth of Jesus

  • Shannon

    I have shared your thoughts as well. As a mother, I have been amazed at how my perspective on everything becomes different.

    Observations about Christ’s birth in a devotional book by Ken Gire called “Intimate Moments With the Savior” have stayed with me for years: “… the baby sighs, the diving Word reduced to a few unintelligible sounds. Then, for the first time, his eyes fix on his mother’s. Deity straining to focus. The Light of the World, squinting. Tears pool in [Mary’s] eyes. She touches his tiny hand. And hands that once scuplted mountain ranges cling to her finger.”