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medium_2220697913As I turn the last page of 2010 today, and reflect upon all that has been written this year, I am once again enthralled by God’s handiwork in my life. This has been one of the most difficult years for our family, yet through the difficulties God has lovingly drawn us closer to his comforting arms where solace was only to be found through His Word and prayer.

My mom found out in July that she had lymphoma. We’ve watched her endure chemo therapy this year and a host of side effects from the treatments. She has been such testimony of God’s grace and a wonderful example to her children and grandchildren through this trial. It truly made me realize how thankful I was for my mother. One of my first thoughts when I realized that something very serious was going on was a fearful one of life without her prayers. I so desire to be that kind of prayer warrior for my children.

This has been the most difficult year we’ve had personally in the ministry as well, but God again has used every hardship to cause us to lean on Him when we couldn’t depend on our past successes or personality to pull us through. Again we’ve seen His hand every step of the way, as He has guided and matured us.

2010 was not without unspeakable joys as we welcomed Ruston Taylor into our family in February. He has added a wonderful sparkle to our days with his captivating smile and twinkling blue eyes. How I love the sweetness of a newborn and marvel at how they change during these first precious months.

I’ve enjoyed watching each of my children grow this year. What a joy to have the opportunity to spend my days with them as I watch them grow and mature.

God has been so good to me!!!

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