I cherish my prayer closet. As my days have gotten busier with my children, my time alone with my Father is even more precious to me. Most of my prayers are uttered throughout the day, but I take time in the early morning before all the children get up to spend some intimate time with my Lord. Several months ago, I began seeking the Lord for wisdom in how to make those precious few moments with Him most effective. One Sunday morning as I prayed, I was impressed by the need to worship Him. As most Christians, I am really good at thanksgiving, intercession, asking for forgiveness, making my requests known, but I had never truly exercised worship in my prayers. As I knelt there that morning, I asked God to show me the importance of worship and His desire for me to worship Him.

I first meditated on the Lord’s prayer. “Our Father, which art in Heaven”: our recognition of Who God is (our Father) and where He is (in Heaven). The next phrase is “Hallowed be Thy Name”. THAT IS WORSHIP! The FIRST element in the sample prayer our Savior gave us to follow. I was so excited as I got ready for church that morning. We were visiting a church in Kansas, and as the Pastor began teaching the Sunday school class, he began teaching on worship. God wanted to confirm in my heart His desire for me to worship him. I don’t know if I’ve ever had something made so clear to me as He did that day.

The difference in the intimacy with my Savior in my prayer life has been overwhelming since I have learned this missing element. God created us to worship Him, and has given us an innate desire to worship. In this world we see this through people’s worship of athletes, celebrities, politicians etc. He placed it in our nature. He has given us all of creation to show us His greatness, has saved us to give us the ability to have a relationship with Him, and has loved us with an unconditional love.

What a wonderful Savior is mine!!! God is so, so good!!!

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